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Do You Know the Three Ps of Evangelism?

by Robert J. Young
©, 2002, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

The first mission field of any local church is the local community. No other church of Christ is actively seeking to win our community for Christ. Our first mission is to take the gospel of Christ to every home, every family, and every person in our community. We must share the gospel with all who will to hear it. We must make it available, keep it available. Our friends cannot be reached for Christ unless we reach them. Christ has no other way, no other plan. Our friends, family, and neighbors are our responsibility!

Most local churches provide several opportunities to share the gospel and demonstrate Christian caring. Christians ought always to live in their neighborhoods as good neighbors-- helpful and caring--because that's the kind of people Christians are. Kind, forgiving, supporting, tolerant people are a positive influence for Christ. But "presence" alone does not convert. The "Three P's" of evangelism required that presentation and persuasion be coupled with presence.

If you are living Christ's presence as a neighbor and friend, now is the time to add presentation. Now is the time to extend a personal invitation.

The leaders of most local churches encourage every member to reach out with the gospel, but our real marching orders are from the one whom we have declared king of our lives when we were baptized into Christ. Our instruction is from Jesus. This is his commission to us. This is his request for our commitment. "As you are going, disciple (teach) all the nations." The Great Commission demands the Great Commitment! Am I committed to obeying this command? Are you committed to obeying him? Jesus remind us that if we love him we will do the things he asks. My Bible never suggests this is optional. Will you be the presence of Jesus in your community? Will you present Jesus? Will you invite so that gospel might be proclaimed and people you love might be persuaded to follow Jesus? God will be glorified, and he will provide the increase.

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Last updated January 7, 2002.