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Finding Your Gifts, Finding Your Ministry

by Bob Young
©, 2013
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

True or false?

The answers are all "true." Every Christian is a minister--called by God to serve. He has uniquely equipped us as a part of the body of Christ so that all can contribute to the work of the church. All have unique gifts, able to do what others cannot. The effectiveness of the local church depends on all of the members working together as God places us, sets us, and tempers us together with other Christians in his body, the church. No body part is more important or more honored than another. All are important. The ministry God has given you to do he will empower and enable you to do. The church is divine, not human. The church is his, not ours.

Churches must focus on the ministries available to them--evaluating resources, opportunities, open doors, and willing hearts. Churches must consider God's purpose for each specific congregation. Churches should seek to develop a mission, a vision of the future. What are the ingredients in that vision? What does God have in store for the church? What might the church become for him and his cause? What is God's plan for developing a mature church? How many members? Doing what? Reaching whom? Touching how many mission fields? Influencing? Challenging? Celebrating? Leading? How? Who? Where? When?

The greatest obstacle the church faces is thinking too small. Today let us try to think big. Because our God is big. Because the cause is big. Because what is at stake is big. Because God's purpose for us is bigger than we know. This is spiritual exercise, this is hard work. How big can you think? How big can you become? How big can we become? God knows. Let's find out!

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