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We are blessed! What will we do?

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Have you considered your blessings? Think about the brief list I have compiled, and the contrasts with many mission areas.

We have access to clean, drinkable, hot water daily.
In my mission travels, the tap water is seldom drinkable (be especially careful when showering or brushing your teeth!). The water is often cold, and at best undependably warm.

We have foods that are pre-prepared. We eat foods from around the world. We eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, often out of season, that are imported from warmer climates around the world: fruit from California and Florida and south Texas, bananas from Central America, grapes from South America, olive oil from Italy, coffee from Central or South America. Just check the labels on your foods for a few days. Much of what we eat requires little preparation. We eat better than ancient kings.
In most countries visited on mission trips, the daily foods are grown and produced locally. There are few imported foods. Fixing meals requires a significant amount of time during a typical day.

We have access to wonderful communication-global, mostly wireless, phones and computers, email, Skype, and digital communications. We can tell whomever whatever whenever wherever.
Mission trips remind us that taking the gospel into all the world is difficult in many places around the world. Modern communication is not ubiquitous. We must use whatever tools we have to tell the good news to whomever we can.

We have access to education, so that in our country and culture we can become virtually anything we desire to become, do whatever we wish to do.
Mission travel reminds that the availability of education is a unique blessing in our nation, and that many nations of the world do not enjoy the benefit of universal education, that public educational systems are crowded, that education is often not available to the masses, and that when it is available some families cannot afford it, or they need the children working to provide for the family.

Most of us can travel freely to whatever destinations we desire. It might take a phone call or two to arrange travel, credit, or funds, but most of us could go anywhere in the world within a week. (I am not suggesting that debt is desirable, but only what is possible.)
If we wanted to, we could go to some peoples and places receptive to the gospel. If reaching people with the gospel is our priority, we have the opportunity before us. Ours is but to seize it.

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Last updated March 7, 2011